In the college, there is a 50 years old Biology museum in science building. In this museum Animals and vegetations (Herbs) of different types are preserved. There are more than 500 famas in preserved in the museum of which some are extinct . Besides there are charts and models in the museum. The museum is used to provide guidance to students of neighboring schools. Contact the head of dept. Biology to visit the museum.


It is an open place surrounded by trees in the college where any one can get refreshed with tea, coffee, snacks etc..

English Language Lab

The lab has a variety of functions such as recording, student monitoring, group conferencing in addition to teaching basic grammar and vocabulary the digital way. The lab makes use of the visual aids for display of English movies as well as the internet, thus making learning fun and enjoyable and also teaching practical utilization of the language. The lab caters to the requirements of the students of all faculties from different rural and urban backgrounds.


Since 1959 N.C.C. has been active in this college. Every year 130 cadets are selected. They are trained in drill, firing,map reading, weapon using, first aid treatment, physical training etc. Besides students are motivated to participates in various local and national camps held every year. (CATC, RDC, ISC, RCTC, NIC, Tracing) and examination for “B” and “C” certificates. From 2004 of 33 % reservation for girls has been implemented.


N.S.S. has been active in this college since 1970 and at present there are two units. There are two hundred cadets working for N.S.S.

Botanical Garden

There is a garden in the  front of Arts building. It’s chief purpose is to nurture vegetation included in the syllabus, to give knowledge of Aurvedic humbles to citizens of visnagar and to maintain the environment.

There are about 175 herbs in this garden of which about 30 are local and 15 herbs on the verge of extinction. Besides there are 30 rare herbs in the garden. Moreover about 30 decorating vegetables .

There is irrigation facility in the garden along with underground pipe line and sprinkler system. There is also a greenhouse in the garden. Aquatic plants are nurtured there contact Shri Mohanbhai gardener for more details.

Consumer Store

M.N. College consumer store is a store run by employees of the institute. The store is administrated by the president and the chairman. Practical journal, stationery and practical materials are sold in this store. The accounts of this (selling) store is audited by govt. and the profit is distributed among the share holders as dividend and bonus. The rules and regulations of the store are in accordance with the rules of govt.