Welcome to M.N. College Visnagar.

M.N. College was founded in 1946 with help of a generous donation of Late Sheth Shri Maneklal Nanchand was like an oasis in the desert, a temple of ‘Saraswati’ for so many high school educated youths of North Gujarat.

It was the only government college of its kind in the whole region between Ahmedabad and Ajmer. It is still a matter of great pride that the college has as its first Principal Shree V.K.Gokak, a ‘Gyanpith’ Award winner, a well-known Poet and Professor of English, who nurtured and nourished the college in its childhood.

M.N. College became soon famous as a great centre of culture and learning under the stewardship of Shree Gokak, who fondly called it

“The Princess of Desert”.