Best Practice-1

Title of Practice- Noah’s Ark,

Objectives of Practice –

To Conserve different species of plant in context with future need.

If any plant species face threat in future, it can be restored to its natural ecosystem from Noah’s ark. It will serve dual purpose of providing plant species in future if needed and it will serve as educational tool in present. Students of institute will learn about species facing threats at present, they will also learn to identify the plant species of importance. They will develop skill of planting the trees. The park will can be considered as toolbox from which you can choose any species whichever is needed in future for floral ecosystem. We don’t use any kind of agrochemicals in this park. Hence, we teach our students the hazards of agrochemicals in one way. We leave the plant species to be chosed by nature through natural selection. The stronger species will survive. Evidence of Success- Various plants like sandal, Bel patra, coconut tree, banyan tree is successfully grown in the park and seeds of guggal, gulmohar, dhav, cucumber, purple yam is also sown in the garden. we are planning to plant different species of trees that are ecologically very important.


Best Practice-2

Title of Practice: Kitchen Garden Project.

Objectives of Practice: -

The project aims to reduce dependency on farms for fresh vegetables that too are pesticide free. In that way we are trying to reduce the environmental pollution that is happening due to agrochemicals. Another aim is to conserve water and energy. Such project will also reduce the stress on resources like agricultural land. In such way we may reduce the deforestation due to agricultural practices. We can also reduce food mile through it. It will also solve the problem of malnutrition up to some extent.


Evidence of Success-

From last six years, we are providing seeds of vegetables like bottle guard, bitter guard, tomatoes, coriander, cucumber, lady finger, spinach etc to the citizens of Visnagar, to staff members and students. We are providing seeds twice in a year according to season. People use these seeds to grow vegetables at home, it minimize their expenses, it will also serve as source of pesticide free vegetables. It helps in utilizing extra time of the day.